Trang is scenically located on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The city has a population of 60,000 people and is a popular destination for both Thai and foreign tourists.

The Khao Luang and the Banthat Mountain range are home to the source of the main rivers that run through Trang province, the Palian River and the Trang River. Sandwiched between the mountains and the unspoiled coastline are numerous rubber plantations that are one of the main sources of income for the local.

Trang province is home to a handful of protected areas some of the largest ones are Mu Ko Phetra National Park and Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park. Ko Ngai, Ko Muk and Tham Morakot are a few of the prettiest islands in the Trang archipelago with the latter island boasting a record breaking tunnel of underwater tunnels and a stunning cave with emerald green waters that attract hundreds of visitors.

Getting There & Away

Getting to Trang by air is a popular choice as Trang has its own airport, which is served by Nok Air and One-Two Go airlines that fly from Bangkok daily. Trang is also home to a train station that runs services from Bangkok and a large bus station with buses running to and from Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Hat Yai and many other destinations.

Things to Do

Trang Attractions

Ko Muk

The emerald cave is a massive attraction in the trang province.

Ko Kraden

The majority of the island is protected under the laws of the hat chao mai national marine park and the place is full of untouched beaches and coral reefs.