Hat Pak Meng is located in the Sikao district of Trang Province, southern Thailand. It is a pretty beach area with a main pier at the northern end and fresh seafood eateries and deck chairs lined up under the shade of the casuarinas that fringe the beach.

The beach resort is mainly used as a transit stopover for people en route to nearby Koh Ngai, which is further developed and has more to offer its visitors. Yet Hat Pak Meng has a unique feel to it that is complemented every Valentine’s Day by an underwater wedding ceremony, where qualified diving couples from all over the country get married in a combined ceremony underwater.

The beach stretches for over three miles and is fringed with a dense pine forest and is shaped like a crescent moon. An array of islands is dotted in the sea just off the beach, with a constant procession of boats ferrying tourists to and from the islands. Local Trang residents relax in the shade on the beach at weekends and Thai holidays and there are plenty of restaurants to sample fresh and spicy seafood and other Thai specialties.

Getting There & Away

The closest airport to Hat Pak Meng is in Trang and there is a busier airport in Krabi, which is slightly further away. From either of these airports it is easy to get a minivan or taxi on Route 4162 to Hat Pak Meng, and from here there are several daily boats running to Koh Ngai and other islands. Flights from Bangkok to Krabi take around 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Things to Do

Hat Pak Meng Attractions

Hat Chao Mai National Marine Park

Hat pak meng is a protected area of marine and land environment that is well worth exploring on a boat trip.