Andaman Coast Travel Guide

Arguably Thailand’s most idyllic getaway destination, the Andaman Coast is characterized by powdery, white-sand beaches, countless islands and surreal, rocky seascapes. This is the Thai scenery featured on post cards, brochures and travel guide covers.


There is room along the Andaman coast for travelers of every persuasion. Island resorts with upscale amenities are situated within walking distance of modest beach bungalows and frugal guest houses. Activities range from lounging in hammocks to surfing, rock-climbing and sea kayaking.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are major sports in this part of the world. The bizarre limestone formations that dot the coast also extend into the underwater realm, creating the perfect apparatus for colorful coral formations and accompanying marine life.

Another way to enjoy diving in the Andaman is to book a multi-day excursion to outlying islands or reefs on live-aboard boats. The variety of sea life here is staggering, and divers have the entire area to themselves as few run-of-the-mill tourists venture this far from the mainland.

Along the southern stretches of the Andaman Coast, Phuket is the Thai island with the best name recognition. Beaches are backed by a mountainous interior and an excellent transportation network. For those who can pull themselves away from the coast, Phuket City boasts Sino-Portuguese architecture unlike that found anywhere else in Thailand.

Second to Phuket in terms of numbers, but just as tantalizing, is Krabi Province. This is where you’ll find some of Thailand’s most coveted island resorts like those found on Phi Phi or Lanta islands. Krabi is a leader in adventure sports, with soaring limestone cliffs that offer the nimblest climbers unparalleled panoramas of the coast and mountains.

Phang Nga Province is synonymous with Ao Phang Nga National Park and is a leading eco-tourism destination. Hikers explore caves and pristine coastal forests, while water-goers enjoy snorkeling and kayaking through karst fields and mangrove forests. The jewel of Phang Nga Province is the Similan Islands, one of the world’s most sought-after diving destinations.

Ranong is the smallest province along the Andaman Coast, and it’s best known for Ko Chang. This secluded island has the vast beaches of Phuket with a fraction of the crowds. Easily visited on a weekend trip from Bangkok, Ranong’s quiet ambiance is a secret that’s getting harder to keep.

From world-class resorts to simple guest houses and bungalows, the Andaman Coast offers tourists all of the time-tested hospitality that has made Thailand such a popular world travel destination. And with access to so many activities unique attractions, it is no wonder that the same visitors return over and again.