Hat Chang Lang is a beach set in Trang Province in southern Thailand. The pretty sandy area is over a mile in length and sits on flat land, making the sea off the beach particularly shallow.

Hat Chang Lang is close to the headquarters of Hat Chao Mai National Park, west of Kantang and south of Hat Pakmeng. The beach is quiet and fairly unspoiled by tourists as there are only two resorts in the area and both are expensive. Visitors enjoy walking the expanse of beach at low tide when the sea brings in an amazing amount of pretty seashells.

To the north end of the beach, there is a stream of fresh water that runs through the undergrowth and into the sea and close to the stream is a rocky area with a sequence of rock art that was sketched in ochre onto the precipice years ago. The beach is fringed with casuarina trees and there are places to rent tents on the grassy areas as well as more comfortable bungalows.

Getting There & Away

Trang is home to the nearest airport and Krabi has a slightly bigger and more frequently used airport. From both of these places there are taxis and minivans waiting to take you to Hat Chang Lang on a trip that takes about an hour. Bangkok has Thailand’s main international airport, which has links to Krabi Airport (1 hour, 20 minutes).

Things to Do

Hat Chang Lang Attractions

The beach

The main attractions in the area are the pristine stretch of white sand and good swimming in the clear waters.