Hat Yong Ling is a pretty beach in Trang Province, in the south of Thailand, and it is part of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The beach itself is curved in the shape of a half moon and lined at the back with a dense pine forest that offers some great hiking prospects.

Hat Yong Ling sits just before Chao Mai Beach and at the far north of the beach is a tall mountain filled with mysterious caves, crevices, niches and nooks with a passageway that leads to rocks and more caves. The limestone peaks are riddled with secret caves and caverns and it is easy to spend a whole day exploring them.

The beach provides a perfect paradise for swimming and sunbathing and the casuarina trees that line the back of the beach provide ample shade to retreat to in the midday heat. The beach is filled with tidal pools and at weekends, there are many snack stalls to eat local food from as well as camping facilities in the forest area.

Getting There & Away

Trang has an airport that is only 45 minutes from Hat Yong Ling and slightly further away is Krabi Airport, a 1 hour, 20 minute flight from Bangkok. Taxis and minivans run all day from both airports and from Hat Yong Ling there are many boats departing to other islands, mainly from Hat Pak Meng.

Hat Yong attractions

  • Khuan Khaeng Hot Springs: only one mile from Hat Yao on the 4046 are some pretty waterfalls that keep a constant temperature of 60°C and pools for swimming in.