Ko Sukon is set in Trang Province in the south of Thailand and is an island that is famous for its white sandy beaches and clear swimmable waters. It is also as known Ko Moo and is undeveloped and quiet.

Two thirds of the area is protected as a national park and visitors are attracted by the untouched forests, pretty lagoons, pristine beaches and great swimming. Ko Sukon also boasts sea that is perfect for snorkeling and diving, with some coral reefs just off its bays and varied accommodation available. This island is perfect for chilling out and relaxing.

Trang is famous for its yearly multiple underwater wedding ceremony where tens of couples, all of whom are PADI certified, get married in a giant ceremony under the water, attracting hundreds of spectators. Ko Sukon is close to the coast and remains unspoiled due to Trang’s rich rubber, vegetable, fruit and oil palm economy, which means it does not rely on tourism to keep afloat.

Getting There & Away

The closest airport is in Trang, where many minivans and taxis wait to take tourists to the coast before a short long tail journey to Ko Sukon. Trang is also home to a train station that runs services to and from Bangkok (16 hours), the main international air gateway, and highway 4-402 runs from Phuket to Trang. By bus from Bangkok, Trang can be reached in 8 to 10 hours.

Things to Do

Ko Sukon Attractions

Emerald Cave

Located a short boat trip away, there is a small eden-like cave area that is reached by swimming through an underwater cave that is brimming with fish.