The small island of Ko Kraden is located in Trang Province, in the south of Thailand, and is one of the more developed areas in the region, similar to Ko Ngai and Ko Muk. The island is easily accessible on a boat and boasts the best beach of all the islands as well as an abundance of coral life.

Ko Kraden is set further out to sea than any other island in the region and is home to beautiful beaches. The main beach is over a mile in length and sits on the east coast of Ko Kraden and is a popular place with local Thais. The water is clear and pleasant for swimming but can get shallow at low tide. On the west coast is a smaller beach with deep water during all tidal states that is often deserted, except for in rainy season when the beach attracts surfers.

Accommodation on the island varies from backpacker bungalows complete with hammock and mosquito net to five-star resorts with beachside restaurants. There are jungle areas in the heart of the island that provide great hiking and walking opportunities and the southern beaches provide the most fruitful waters for snorkeling over the fringing reef.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport is in Trang and there are plenty of minivans and taxis that will take visitors on the hour-long journey to the coast. As well as the airport, there is also a train station that welcomes daily trains from Bangkok. There are no ferries from the mainland to Ko Kraden and the most frequented way to get to the island is by longtail boat from Pak Meng, Hat Yao Pier or Kuan Thung Khu Pier, which runs several times a day.

Ko Kraden attractions

  • Japanese destroyer wreck: there is a wreck of a Japanese war boat that can be seen on a diving trip and the area is also frequented by the elusive sea horse.