Koh Muk is an island in Trang Province in the south of Thailand that is sandwiched between Ko Ngai and Ko Kraden just off of the mainland. The island welcomes many day-trippers from the neighboring islands as it is less developed than Ko Ngai and perfect for a short visit.

It is famous for its Emerald Cove, a cave that was created when an underwater cave roof collapsed and light seeped in, promoting jungle to grow in the sinkhole. The cave can only be accessed by swimming through an underwater tunnel that is teaming with sea life but be aware that the tunnel can be claustrophobic and daunting.

The main beach can get busy and is primarily dominated by one resort, but there are many other beaches to visit that are tucked away around the island. There is accommodation to suit everyone’s budget, with a few bungalows and one pricey resort, and the swimming and snorkeling, as with most of the Trang islands, is exceptional.

Getting There & Away

Trang is host to the nearest airport and also boasts a train station that has daily services running to and from Bangkok, the main international air gateway, as well as other places. Minivans and taxis take visitors to the coast, where there are long tails boats to take you to Koh Muk.

Things to Do

Ko Muk Attractions

Emerald Cove

A cave with underwater tunnels and a small eden-like garden inside, with seas that are brimming with fish.