Three Pagoda Pass Travel Guide

Three Pagodas Pass (Darn Chedi Sam Ong) is a region on the Thai-Myanmar border to the northwest of Kanchanaburi that conjures up frontier and wilderness type images.

This is the route through the mountains that the Burmese used for hundreds of years to attack the Thais. It was also used as a base for the Death Railway during WWII and a station was built here. Three Pagodas Pass is fairly straightforward to get to, lying just north of Sangkhlaburi and the three pagodas themselves lie on the Thai side.

There is a small restaurant and a resort near to the chedis, while a market with loads of Burmese goods is also here. Cheap wood furniture, precious stones, jade carvings, and jewelry are the best buys.

Getting There & Away

Buses run from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi in four or five hours, from where pickups run to the Three Pagodas Pass in about 30 minutes. Buses run via Bangkok to Kanchanaburi in around three hours from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Things to Do

Three Pagoda Pass Attractions

Three Pagodas

These lie on the thai side of the pass and although not that impressive, they are one of the main attractions.


Features numerous burmese goods including carved wood, textiles and gems - be sure to bargain.