Kanchanaburi is Kanchanaburi Province’s capital city; a major tourist destination in Thailand and especially known for the River Kwai which runs right through it. Despite being touristy, it is laid back and has an abundance of accommodation and eateries.

The Bridge on the River Kwai is the main draw for many visitors to Kanchanaburi and you can walk it or take a train ride. The bridge was part of the infamous WWII Death Railway from Burma that was built by Allied POWs at the hands of the brutal Japanese. A sound and light show recreates yesteryear under the bridge every December.

Kanchanaburi town itself is not much to look at and houses a large shopping mall, hotels and a railway station. Thanon Saeng Chuto runs through the town to the bridge and is the main street. The most intriguing part of Kanchanaburi is around the river before you get to the bridge, where the bulk of the accommodation, caf├ęs, bars and museum are at.

Farther afield and into the wilds of Kanchanaburi Province is a beautiful landscape and a collection of stunning national parks pockmarked with striking waterfalls. The most popular parks are Erawan National Park, Sai Yok National Park, and Si Nakharin National Park.

Getting There & Away

Kanchanaburi is directly accessible from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Station or from Suvarnabhumi International Airport directly by taxi or hire car. You can also get to Kanchanaburi directly by train from Hualampong Station, which is close to the bus station although there are only a couple of services per day.

Things to Do

Kanchanaburi Attractions

Bridge over the River Kwai

Now replaced with a steel structure, the original bridge over the river kwai was built with wood by allied wwii prisoners of war. you can walk across the structure today and also get on a train journey and cross it by rail.

Chong-Kai War Cemetery

Over 1,700 pows rest in the cemetery, which contains the bodies of those who died while building the death railway. it is located between the town centre and the river.

Erawan National Park

A major attraction outside town which can be visited on a daytrip. most people come to see the seven-tier waterfalls.

Hellfire Pass

Originally known as the konyu cutting, this railway cutting was performed by pows during wwii and the sheer size of it takes many peoples’ breath away.