Ang Thong, in Thailand’s central region, is a small province about 60 miles (100kms) from Bangkok and popular for its excellent handcrafts and abundance of Buddhist temples.

Located in the low-lying basin of Noi River and Chai Phraya River, the fertile region of Ang Thong rests only 18 miles (30kms) from the historically significant city of Ayutthaya. Once an important frontier outpost before the fall of the ancient capital to the Burmese, Ang Thong has since earned a reputation due the skill of its artisans, most notably for molded court dolls and wickerwork.

Easily accessible from Bangkok on the Asian Highway, Ang Thong enjoys the unique historical fame of having been the hometown of the legendary heroes Nai Dok and Nai Thongkaeo of the Bang Rachan Battle against the Burmese.

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