Sangkhlaburi Travel Guide

Sangkhlaburi is a district in the remote northwest of Kanchanaburi Province, with Sangkhla as the main town. It is the last stop before the Myanmar border and is well connected to others parts of the province by main road.

Visits to Sangkhlaburi are mainly made for trips to the Three Pagodas Pass - the main thoroughfare through the mountains since ancient times between Thailand and Burma - and the Mon Bridge. The three small pagodas lie on the Thai side and were built as a symbol of peace between the two previously warring nations.

Other Sangkhlaburi attractions include the massive Mon Bridge, Thailand’s largest wooden bridge, and Wat Wiwekaram with its stunning murals. There is also an abundance of textiles sold here that are woven by Karen, Mon and Burmese hill tribe peoples in the region.

Getting There & Away

Bus is the cheapest option from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi, with first class, non-air-conditioned minibuses also making frequent trips. Trains from Kanchanaburi terminate at Nam Tok, from where buses run to Sangkhla. You can be in Kanchanaburi within 3 hours by bus or car from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Sai Yok attractions

  • Mon Bridge: Thailand’s longest wooden bridge (400m), which you can cycle or walk across. Have a drink at the cafĂ© on the one end but watch your footing when crossing.
  • Wat Wiwekaram: accessible from Sangkhla via Mon Bridge, this temple features pretty murals and an ornate viharn.