Thought of as the ‘doorway to the north’, the northern province of Nakhon Sawan, 150 miles from the capital city of Bangkok, is home to the convergence of four rivers; Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan which join to form Mae Nam, or ‘mother river’, the Chao Phraya. As such the province has earned the reputation as an important historical, and to a lesser degree modern, transport hub between the lower north and central regions.

Although not exactly a hotspot of tourist activity despite its proximity to Bangkok, the province does possess a few places of interest and an exciting festival or two. Bung Boraphet is one of the region’s scenic attractions, and depending upon the time of year the 140 000 rai wetland can be either a lake or a swamp. It is the largest source of fresh-water fish in Thailand and is a popular recreation location with a museum and an aquarium as well as a variety of animals and birds.

If your vacation happens to fall within early February, the Dragon and Lan procession is worth a look. Thousands of people from nearby provinces arrive in Nakhon Sawan to celebrate Chinese New Year, an annual festival since 1914. The colorful and noisy procession parades through the town followed by beautiful young maidens and traditional Chinese lions.

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