Bau Bau Travel Guide

Bau Bau is the main city on southeast Sulawesi’s Buton Island. It sits on the southwest coast in the southern portion of the province and has a charming atmosphere and a fine old fort.

Many major towns in southeast Sulawesi are quite nondescript, including the capital Kendari on the mainland, yet Bau Bau has plenty of history and old-fashioned charm. The main attraction in Bau Bau is the huge fort above the town. From here is the best view in town taking in the city, bay and neighboring island.

There is also much of interest in the area, including Kotana village a few kilometers from Bau Bau. It features the Buton royal palace complex while Kamali Badia, the Palace of the Sultan, is four kilometers from Bau Bau.

In addition, there are several beaches north and south of Bau Bau as well as plenty of guesthouses and hotels, caf├ęs and restaurants as well as markets and shops.

Getting There & Away

The best way to get to Bau Bau is to fly from Makassar in South Sulawesi. It is the main city in Sulawesi and has the nearest major airport to Bau Bau - Hasanuddin International Airport - which receives flights from all over Indonesia. Flight time to Bau Bau from Makassar is about 45 minutes and there are also flights from the southeast Sulawesi capital, Kendari. Fast boats also come in from Kendari.

Things to Do

Bau Bau Attractions

Bau Bau Fort

The main attraction in town sits high over the town with a fantastic perspective over it and the coast. it still retains its defensive walls and cannons.

Side trips from Bau Bau

Kotana village

Just a few kilometers from bau bau, this old village with its old royal palace makes a good side trip.