Raha Travel Guide

Raha is a coastal town in the north of Muna Island in South East Sulawesi. It lies across from Buton, the main island in this region, and is a popular stop on boat tours from Bau Bau and Kendari.

Raha is a nice place to visit on a daytrip from either Kendari (the South East Sulawesi capital), or Bau Bau (the Buton capital). It is about equidistant between the two and is accessible by jet foil from both cities.

The main attraction of Raha, besides its laid-back coastal setting, is the Blue Lagoon just outside town with its blue waters and boating. A nearby handicraft village called Korihi is good for buying hats and baskets. Also in the region is a cave in Liangkabori which has 1,000-year-old pictures.

If visiting Raha from Kendari, heading onward to Bau Bau on Buton Island is worthwhile. It is the most interesting town in South East Sulawesi and comes with many historical sights and good tourist amenities.

Getting There & Away

Raha is about 2 hours by hydrofoil from Kendari, about the same amount of time it takes to reach the town from Bau Bau. Flights land at both Kendari and Bau Bau from Makassar (the nearest major airport), taking less than an hour. Makassar has links to Jakarta, Indonesia’s main gateway, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Things to Do

Raha Attractions

Blue Lagoon

Not to be confused with the blue lagoon in iceland, raha’s version is warmer and bluer and is good for a boat trip.

Side trips from Raha

Bau Bau

The main attraction in this region of south east sulawesi has many sights, including a massive hilltop fort, palaces and good facilities.