South Lombok Travel Guide

South Lombok is where many visiting tourists go to spend their vacation on the Indonesian surfer’s haven of Lombok and as such, it is home to the majority of the island’s hotels and beaches.

The main beach in the region, and on the island, is Kuta Beach, which shares its name with one of the most popular beaches on its sister island, Bali. It is great for surfing and relaxing on the soft white sand and there is a range of restaurants and beach bars lining the back of the beach that are popular in the evenings.

The terrain in South Lombok is bland and dry so most visitors choose to spend their time on the beaches instead of inland. Sorga Beach, Lendang Trak and Kaliantan Beach are some of the best around and there are a few hotels in South Lombok with great natural views of the sunset. In contrast to many of the busy beaches on neighboring Bali, the beaches in South Lombok are clean and blindingly white.

Segara Anak Lake is in the region and surrounded by a forest area that is the most luscious landscape in South Lombok. Mayung Putik Waterfall is home to elusive white deer and the name of the waterfall translates from Sasak to English as ‘white deer’.

Getting There & Away

Jakarta is only 2 hours away by air from Lombok and there are also flights between Lombok and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Surabaya. Bali is only a 25-minute flight from the island. As well as arriving by air, many tourists come via sea on a ferry or catamaran from neighboring Bali, a journey that can take anywhere in between 1 and 5 hours depending on the type of boat.