Sekotong Travel Guide

The new and up-and-coming tourist destination of Sekotong on Lombok is home to some spectacular beach scenery and is close to the departing point for boat trips to the Gili Islands.

Sekotong is far from being totally developed and the beaches are deafeningly quiet with the only sign of movement coming from the odd tourist and roll of a wave. Set in the southwest of Lombok, Sekotong is popular with divers as the sea is teeming with marine life.

Sea turtles are among the rarer sightings of sea animals and the coral reefs are alive with thousands of fish that can be seen snorkeling and diving. There is a five-star resort in Sekotong that serves fabulous food and drink and hosts some of the best views on the island.

Travel to Sekotong- getting there

Jakarta has flights to Lombok that take 2 hours and flights from nearby Bali only take 25 minutes. Ferries can take anything from 1 to 5 hours from Bali depending on whether you catch a fast catamaran or a slow ferry. Jakarta is home to Indonesia’s main international airport but Bali’s smaller international airport serves regional cities.

In brief

Worth it? The area is currently being developed and is worth seeing before it gets too popular and over visited.

What to do: snorkeling, swimming and chilling out.

Best time to go: May to September.

How long? A few days.

Sekotong attractions

  • The beach: the only real attraction in Sekotong is the beach, which can provide days of activities.

Side trips from Sekotong

  • Sengiggi: a village only an hour from Sekotong that is used as the main departing point for trips to the Gili Islands.