North Lombok Travel Guide

North Lombok is a region of the island of Lombok (sister island of Bali), which attracts visitors with its breathtaking beaches, seas that are great for surfing and inland landscapes suitable for soft trekking.

North Lombok is beautiful yet quiet and there is little to do here except sit back and enjoy the beaches. Handicrafts made by locals are readily available from the many stalls and shops that are scattered around the region and the expensive sea-breaded pearls are a popular keepsake.

The north of the island is lush and green for the majority of the year and the beaches are often empty compared to those on the busier island of Bali. Many say that North Lombok is like looking at Bali 20 years ago before thousands of tourists carved out a well-traveled path through it.

North Lombok is fairly quiet and uneventful with only a few villages and towns dotted throughout the countryside. If you are looking for things to do and see then the south of the island is far more interesting.

Most of the local inhabitants in North Lombok are similar to those in East Lombok in the fact that they rarely come into contact with visitors so they speak little English and often enjoy trying to talk to travelers in the local dialect. The Gili Islands are the closest major attraction to East Lombok while the offshore waters are filled with marine life, making snorkeling and diving popular pastimes.

Getting There & Away

Lombok welcomes flights to and from the capital Jakarta that take 2 hours and Bali is a mere 25 minute flight from Lombok. Ferries and catamarans from Bali to Lombok take up to 5 hours and there are other flights to and from Lombok between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Surabaya. From Lombok’s airport it is easy to arrange transport to East Lombok.