East Lombok is one of the quietest hotspots in the island of Lombok and is home to unspoiled beaches and a village that is the main gateway to the nearby Gili Islands.

The main district in East Lombok is Sembelia, and the land and terrain here is generally barren, arid and austere so hiking is best done elsewhere on the island. East Lombok is most famous for its boat trips to the neighboring Gili Islands, which are only a short ferry ride away. There is little to do in East Lombok and it is often just used as a transit stop over for travelers going to the Gili Islands.

From Sembelia, the beaches that surround the Gili Islands are among the finest on Lombok and there is great diving and snorkeling to be enjoyed just off the coast in East Lombok. Accommodation is fairly limited, with mainly backpacker style huts available and only a few places to enjoy local cheap food.

There is an abundance of wildlife that can be spotted in this quiet region of Lombok - both in the sea and on the land. Big lizards are commonplace and turtles and even some species of shark are known to live just offshore. East Lombok makes for a nice daytrip and it hosts some spectacular scenic viewpoints for tourists to admire a sunset from.

Getting There & Away

Bali is home to the nearest international airport, which is a 25-minute plane journey from Lombok. There are many daily flights running between the two islands. Jakarta is a 2-hour flight from Lombok and there are also flights to Surabaya, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur from Lombok. Ferries from Bali take between 1 and 5 hours depending on which boat you choose.

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