San Agustin on Tablas Island in the Romblon archipelago is a charming town that exudes a natural beauty that has remained unspoiled by tourists.

It holds some deep set Spanish roots and is the base for a sunken Spanish galleon. Formerly known as Badajos, this quaint port town has firm connections to religion that is shown in everyday life by the local people and in the churches that can be found on many of the streets here.

The town is bordered by a mountain range that blocks the wind but is exposed to the full force of the typhoons that emerge from the east in the rainy season. It is scenically attractive and although it lacks substantial tourist amenities, the natural attractions are more than adequate for spending some time exploring.

San Agustin is home to the second highest mountain in the province, Mount Payaopao, and the giant peak looks over to Carmen Bay where the galleon was submerged. It is a popular snorkeling and dive site as its sunken bows are home to a range of colorful marine life.

Getting There & Away

From Manila, home to the nearest international airport, frequent flights to and from Tablas depart with a flight time of an hour. It is also possible to get here by boat from Manila on the Virgin Mary MBRS Lines ferry that takes 10 hours to Odiongan, Tablas, followed by a 2-hour jeepney ride. From Batangas there are ferry services twice a week that take 8 hours followed by a 2-hour jeepney ride to San Agustin.

Things to Do

San Agustin Attractions

Sunken Spanish galleon

Found in waters deep enough for diving, this sunken ship’s skeleton is home to an abundance of marine life.

Dubduban and Bita Falls

Seven tiers of cascading water make these falls some of the most magnificent on the island, with a blue green pool to cool off in at the bottom.

Trangkalan Grotto

A sacred place with a quiet and tranquil ambience that is located close to a pretty waterfall.

Cawayan Park

A natural green area where boars and monkeys can often be spotted.

Side trips from San Agustin


The neighboring island in the same archipelago has lots to see and do.