Phichit Travel Guide

Phichit is in northern Thailand though it’s close enough to the central regions that it played an important role in the history of the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms. Today it’s a minor tourist destination known for its September boat racing festival.

This was once the land of crocodiles though most of today’s stock lives on tourist-oriented farms. A crocodile show is worthwhile if you’ve never seen one, but you probably won’t go home talking about it. Outside of the farms, the only large reptile you’re likely to see is the giant crocodile-shaped structure along Bung Si Fai Lake.

The main attractions in town are ancient temples. The most prominent are Nakhon Chum and Khao Rup Chang temples, both housing important Buddhist relics. The most interesting site is Kao Pichit Park, a 900-year-old settlement that was abandoned after the river changed course in the 19th century.

Getting There & Away

Phichit can be reached by coach or train from Bangkok, but travel times are long. The easiest way to get in and out of Phichit is to use the airport in neighboring Phitsanulok, which offers regularly flights to Chiang Mai that take less than an hour. Phitsanulok also has a train station with service to Bangkok (6 hours) and Chiang Mai (7 hours).

Things to Do

Phichit Attractions

Wat Nakhon Chum

This temple is found a few miles outside of the city and dates back 800 years. the main buddha statue was important during historical ceremonies.

Kao Pichit

This archeological park features centuries-old structures and dozens of chedis.

Wat Khao Rup Chang

This temple sits 10 miles outside of town and boasts faded murals that date back hundreds of years.

Bung Si Fai

South of town, this lake is set aside for recreation as well as for breeding fish. a small aquarium is open to visitors.