Bitung Travel Guide

Bitung is a sizeable city on the northeast coast of North Sulawesi and is the main deepwater port of the province. There’s not much worth seeing in town itself but it has some good nearby attractions.

About all that Bitung has to offer on the sightseeing front is its nearby zoo, which comes with tarsiers, birds, and crocodiles. The main attraction here is Lembeh Island, a couple of kilometers across the Lembeh Strait. It is known for its diving and hiking, with the diving being particularly interesting owing to the many sea slugs here.

Lembeh Island diving is relatively expensive and you’d be better off heading for Bunaken Mando Tua Marine National Park to the north of Manado if you are really into scuba diving. Another nearby Bitung attraction is Tangkoko National Park.

Getting There & Away

The nearest major airport to Biting is in Manado, 40kms to the northwest. Sam Ratulangi Airport is a 3-hour flight from Jakarta, or 90 minutes from Makassar. Taxis run direct from the airport to Bitung along the main Manado-Bitung highway or buses from downtown for those on a budget.

Things to Do

Bitung Attractions

Bitung Zoo

Worth seeing if you have time while in town, this little zoo is home to tarsier monkeys and crocodiles.

Side trips from Bitung

2- Bunaken Mando Tua Marine National Park

One of the world’s finest marine parks and dive destinations lies 60kms to the northwest of bitung near manado.

Lembeh Island

Bitung’s closest major attraction is a 20km long island with good diving and hiking options.



A traditional ceremony in bitung takes place annually on january 31 as a thanksgiving day of the sangihe people. parading and traditional music and dance ensue.