Kotamobagu Travel Guide

Kotamobagu is a bustling market town, located in North Sulawesi. It is somewhat off the beaten track but well worth a visit as it is gives visitors a glimpse into local life.

It is scenically located in the middle of a number of stunning volcanic lakes which allows intrepid explorers the chance to get up close to Indonesia’s indigenous flora and fauna. The local market found in the center of the city is well worth a few visits. It is the heart of the city and a meeting place for locals from all across the region.

Kotamobagu is a good base for anyone wanting to explore the volcanic highlands or the stunning coast. There are a number of hotels and guest houses covering all budgets and some excellent restaurants and a fairly lively nightlife scene.

Getting There & Away

Kotamobagu is easily reached by air. There is an international airport in the nearby city of Manado. There are daily flights from here to and from Singapore (3 hours, 30 minutes), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (4 hours) and Davao, Philippines (1 hour, 30 minutes). There are buses available at the airport, and in the city of Manado, to Kotamobagu.

Things to Do

Kotamobagu Attractions

Kotamobagu market

Lies at the heart of the town and is a great place to watch the locals go around their daily routine. it is also an excellent place to pick up local souvenirs.

Side trips from Kotamobagu

Volcanic lakes

These stunning lakes surround the town and are a must-visit for any nature lover.