Sangir Talaud Islands Travel Guide

Located in North Sulawesi, this small archipelago boasts beautiful islands - some of which are occupied and others which are brimming with untamed beauty. They are well worth a visit for the sun, sea and sand.

Many of the Sangir Talaud Islands are home to active volcanoes, with the largest being on the main island of Sangir Besar. Other popular islands include: Siau, Tahulandang, Salibabu, Kabaruan and Miangas. Despite the islands being extremely small, they are home to in excess of 300,000 people.

Popular pursuits for visitors here include diving and snorkeling, chilling out on the beaches, rock climbing and hiking. The islands are ideal for those who are looking for something different and like peace, quiet and minimal development.

Getting There & Away

The quickest way to reach the archipelago is to catch a flight from Manado to Naha on Tahuna. There are daily flights available with Merpati Airlines. Once you are on Tahuna, it is possible to catch a boat to any other of the islands within the archipelago. It is also possible to catch a ferry from Manado to Tahuna but travel times are long, averaging at about 11 hours.