Airmadidi Travel Guide

Airmadidi is a small town outside Manado in North Sulawesi. It is situated between Manado and Bitung on the main highway and is known for its ancient Waruga burial containers.

The large Waruga stone graves can be seen in a cemetery just out of town. They used to contain the remains of Minahasa residents, who would bury as many as half a dozen in one chamber. The Dutch stopped this practice during their tenure of North Sulawesi as it was thought it led to the spread of disease. The containers remain empty to this day.

Other than the Waruga containers, there’s not much else to visit Airmadidi for. It is merely a daytrip destination from Manado or Bitung where the main attractions are. To the north of Manado is the stunning Bunaken region, known for its world famous dive sites, while south of Bitung is Lembah Island, another dive destination.

Getting There & Away

Airmadidi is a 30-minute journey from Manado by bus along the Manado-Bitung highway. Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado is the main airport in the region and is a 3-hour flight from Jakarta and 2-hour flight from Bali. Ferries run direct to the Bunakens from Manado harbor.

Things to Do

Airmadidi Attractions

Airmadidi stone graves

The main sight in airmadidi is this ancient collection of impressive waruga chambers in a cemetery just outside town.

Side trips from Airmadidi

Bunaken Marine Park

Located just to the north of airmadidi and manado, this park encompasses five islands and has some of the best diving in the world.

Lembah Island

Off the coast of bitung, the island is a popular dive site and has good trekking terrain.