Pero is located on the west coast of Sumba Island, one of the East Nusa Tenggara islands in southeastern Indonesia. It is popular for its wide beach - Pero Beach - and for the nearby traditional Sumba villages.

The village of Pero itself is not a traditional Sumbanese village, although there are many in the area. It features a rough, cobbled street with wooden houses and shops either side. Facilities are minimal but there is a decent guest house here - the Homestay Story - which is near the sea.

The main attraction for surfers is the long, windswept beach to the right of town which has high, powerful waves and strong rips. The beach for swimming and bathing on is farther to the left and over the river.

Nearby Kodi District has Bandokodi village, a popular attraction with tourists with its towering roofs and staging of the Pasola Festival.

Getting There & Away

Buses run from Waikabubak to Waitabula, from where bemos run to Pero and Kodi. Journey time is around 4 hours or more. Waikabubak has a small airport nearby but limited flights. The main airport is in the capital of Sumba, Waingapu, which receives direct flights from Bali (1 hour, 20 minutes).

Things to Do

Pero Attractions

Pero Beach

The main attraction is a long, golden beach with pounding surf and rough swimming.

Side trips from Pero

Tarung village

This traditional village is located on a hilltop just outside waikabubak village and features tall roofed houses and friendly locals.


Pasola Festival

A must-see for culture types in february and march, pasola features hundreds of sumbanese men on horseback trying to knock the opposing team off with blunted spears.