Kodi District Travel Guide

Kodi District lies in the west of West Sumba on the southern East Nusa Tenggara island of Sumba. There are some nice beaches here but the main attraction is the ancient Sumbanese villages.

Bandokodi village lies in the Kodi District and is one of the old houses with high roofs, typical of the ancient villages in Sumba. Bandokodi village is also a major venue for the renowned yearly Pasola Festival.

The beaches in the Kodi District are pretty good, of which Pero Beach is the main draw, with its wide sands and okay surf. Pero is not a traditional village but does have some appeal with wooden houses and a busy main street. There’s a fairly good guesthouse here for those not staying in Waikabubak.

Farther afield is the West Sumba capital of Waikabubak, which you’ll need to go through when visiting the Kodi District. It’s not much to look at but has access to the hilltop Tarung Village.

Getting There & Away

The bus/bemo journey from Waikabubak to the Kodi District takes around 4 hours and goes via Waitabula. A small airport feeds Waikabubak from limited cities but most people come in through Waingapu in the east, the Sumba capital. It receives flights from Bali’s international airport in 1 hour, 20 minutes.