East Sumba Travel Guide

East Sumba is the eastern part of the island of Sumba, a lesser visited East Nusa Tenggara island. The main attractions of East Sumba are the empty surfing opportunities and the many ethnic and Sumbanese traditional villages.

The Sumba capital city, Waingapu, lies on the edge of East Sumba and is the gateway town. It has an airport and a nearby seaport, along with a few hotels, restaurants and a beach. The rich tribal culture of Sumba can be seen not far from Waingapu in the traditional villages’ thatched houses and huge tombs. Prailiu is the most beautiful village here.

The top hotspot for surfers in East Sumba is Baing in the south. It is 125kms along the coastal road from Waingapu and is famed for its large swells at Kalala Beach. The best waves strike this beach between May and September.

The rest of East Sumba is a fairly dry, hilly place which has taken on a different look from most other Indonesian islands. There is a distinct lack of volcanoes although the great surf, snorkeling and fishing make up for this.

Getting There & Away

East Sumba has an airport at Waingapu, the capital. It is just outside town and receives direct flights from Denpasar in Bali (1 hour, 20 minutes) and Kupang in about 1 hour. Ferries land at Waingapu port from Kupang as well as from Ende in Flores. From Denpasar travelers can connect by air to Jakarta’s international airport.

Onward Travel

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