Mexico City Travel Guide

Coming in a close third after Tokyo and New York City as the world’s largest metropolis, Mexico City is akin to a giant living museum, displaying the legacy of the country’s 3,000 years of cultural development. Despite pockets of poverty and decay, this is undoubtedly one of the world’s great capitals, capturing elements of chic and modernity while never losing sight of its true roots.

The city’s heart stands on what was once a major Aztec development and is now home to a plethora of fine colonial buildings including the Presidential Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral, located next to the scenic Constitution square. The Templo Mayor and the Templo Museum are nearby, adding to the cultural wealth of the area.

Few who visit this vibrant city are not entirely drawn in by its unique character, which is typically Mexican but like many capitals, decidedly global also. Those unconvinced of Mexico City’s worthiness as a visitor destination may be tempted by the city’s 130 museums, 64 theaters, 7 amusement parks, 11 ecological parks, 5 sports stadiums and 7 archaeological sites.


Six Flags, Mexico: part of the American Six Flags chain, this popular theme park offers a plethora of attractions including a series of areas based on geographical and historical themes such as Swiss, Polynesian and Western towns.

Mexico City Museum: an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic and colonial artifacts are among the many exhibits on display in this fascinating museum located in a fine old colonial building on Pino Suarez avenue.

La Feria: another of the city’s amusement parks, this one has live shows as well as a wide selection of rides and plenty of restaurants on premises.

Zócalo (Constitution square): the world’s second largest city square is home to the Presidential Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral among other interesting sights.

San Ángel: is an interesting suburb of the city where you’ll find a great little market on Saturdays as well as cobbled streets lined with classic old mansions and other colonial treasures.

Zona Rosa: is the city’s chief district for shopping, dining and evening entertainment. There are more venues crammed into this area than you can shake a stick at.