Quebec City Travel Guide

Quebec City was built on the St Lawrence River and is the capital city of the province of the same name. With its name meaning ‘where the river narrows’,
this charming place is the oldest city in North America. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as being the only city north of Mexico with its fortification walls still standing.

Visitors to the Old City will be excused for thinking they are in France, with its winding streets and European style architecture. The distinct French ambiance can be soaked up with a stroll along the cobblestone streets or a ride in a horse-drawn cart. The area is home to the Citadel, a national historic monument and the Quebec Parliament Building, a prominent historic site designed by Eugene-Etienne Taché. You will also find a wide selection of museums and galleries including the National Museum of Fine Art.

The Winter Carnival, well-known as one of the world’s biggest parties, brings the city to life with a host of chilly activities including dog sled rides, snow baths and an ice sculpture festival. A historic commercial area, the district of Petit Champlain offers a wide range of boutiques selling everything from art and crafts to fashion and fragrances. It is also a bustling night-time haunt for dining out, concerts and festivals. For a break from city life, take a short daytrip to the beautiful Montmorency Falls; standing at 83 meters, they are taller than Niagara Falls.


Chateau Frontenac: dominating the skyline, this hotel with its striking medieval architecture is known for its luxurious atmosphere and prime location on the St Lawrence River.

Museum of Civilization: houses at least 10 thematic exhibits at any one time and puts great emphasis on participation and interaction.

Battlefields National Park: a popular park and historical attraction offering great views of the St Lawrence River. It is also home to the Martello Towers.

Cathedral of Notre Dame: set in the oldest parish in North America, it features magnificent stained-glass windows, paintings and gold-plated baldachins.

Canyon Saint Anne: located 30 minutes drive from Quebec City, this is a great place to unwind in spectacular nature with attractions including the Giants’ Kettle whirlpool and a 70 meter tall waterfall.

Parliament Building: just outside the walls of the Old City you will find this beautiful 17th century building, home to the National Assembly.

Quebec Experience: this is a 3D multimedia show that will give you an entertaining insight into the long history of the city.