Hamilton Travel Guide

Located in the center of the long island of Bermuda, little Hamilton has a small population yet features a grand colonial legacy and an impressive cathedral. The main reason to come here is for Bermuda’s wonderful beaches, with many in close proximity to the capital city. A look into Hamilton’s fascinating past is also a must during any trip here.

Featuring a classic, laid-back tropical island atmosphere, the Bermudan capital is an intriguing blend of colonial heritage, parks, markets, cozy British-style pubs and some of the most instantly recognizable mega-corporations on the planet. Both Bacardi and Accenture, the hugely successful business and IT consultancy giant, are based here.

The City Hall and cathedral are well worth a look, the latter looking like it was teleported from the English countryside. Hamilton is also a big draw for boaters with its renowned yacht club, while it is also possible to go on boat trips from the waterfront for those who can’t afford their own vessel. If you want to take it easy here, stick to the coast and notable beaches like Elbow.


Hamilton Cathedral: dating back to 1897, the cathedral is an impressive sight that cemented Hamilton’s city status. The stain glass windows here are stunning.

Bermuda Maritime Museum: facing the sea, this hotchpotch museum features the renovated commissioner’s residence, old cannons, shipwreck artifacts and a dolphin performance.

Masterwork’s Foundation: a wonderful venue for art lovers, this is a collection of works on, or inspired by, Bermuda.

Elbow Beach: one of the most popular stretches of sand on Bermuda, this beach is part public and part privately owned, and situated in the nearby Paget Parish.

Church Bay: located in Southampton Parish close to Hamilton, this wonderful beach features a reef, making it an extremely popular spot for snorkeling.****