Sleek skyscrapers rub shoulders with glamorous bars and miles of white sand in the sun-drenched multicultural American city of Miami. Downtown boasts some superb buildings and great shopping, particularly on Flagler street, and the Spanish speaking area of Little Havana is a cigar tooting, rum swilling paradise.

Crockett and Tubs’ old stomping ground of South Beach is a living, breathing monument to sunbathing and looking cool, and the iconic Art Deco historic district is home to over 800 amazing buildings. The rich multicultural flavor and superb nightlife, especially in Little Havana and on Ocean drive, make Miami a top destination.

Miami Attractions

Flagler street: superb shops, bars and entertainment options are interspersed with the city’s skyscrapers and architectural gems on the main drag. 
South Beach: Crockett and Tubs may have finished walking the beat around here, but it’s still a living monument to elaborate smoothness and outrageous posturing.

Art Deco historic district: over 800 stunning Art Deco structures make up this fascinating part of the city.

Little Havana: grab a baseball bat-sized cigar and soak up the rich Latin American atmosphere in this Cuban hotspot.

Ocean drive: don the most lurid Hawaiian shirt you can find, smell the money and strut around Scarface’s turf like Al Pacino.

The Bayside Marketplace: more than 150 shops, restaurants and cafés offer a great place to sit down and soak up the views over the marina.