New Orleans Travel Guide

With a reputation for a lively music scene, a French based culture with Spanish, Cajun and African influences, and some of the best festivals to be found in Louisiana or arguably in the entire country; New Orleans is no shabby visitor destination and can easily claim to the be the state’s most popular.

Districts such as the French quarter capture the best of the music scene, with local performers showcasing their talents in trendy café-bar venues and anywhere along the sidewalk that space permits. Cajun flavors can be found in the Lafayette district, while colonial French and Spanish architecture are abundant in the Garden district. Head for the Fontainebleau State Park when the urban jungle gets too much for you.

New Orleans attractions

Aquarium of the Americas: sea life from all of the planet’s oceans including specimens from the Amazon and the Mississippi Delta can be found at this impressive aquarium facility.

Louisiana State Museum: local culture and heritage are on display at this large museum located in the city’s French quarter.

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum: gives an insight into this curious hybrid religion, dispelling some of the myths commonly associated with it.

Audubon Zoo: has a reputation as one of the best zoos in the country and is set to impress the vast majority of those who visit it.

Jazz: is thriving here, particularly along Bourbon street, with musicians taking to the curb, stage or wherever there is an audience.

Fontainebleau State Park: a short drive out of the city, this is a pleasant greenbelt area where concrete is shunned for flora and fauna.