Built specifically as the capital of the US, Washington DC is a planned city on the eastern side of the country. Although lacking the glitz of New York and the glam of Los Angeles, the capital is still a major city with dozens of attractions and monuments. As the capital of the most powerful country on the planet, inevitably Washington DC is a city that demands attention.

Usually referred to as ‘DC’, the American capital is a wonderland of national monuments. The White House, home of the president, is open to tour groups which take in the residential East Wing. Close by, the Washington Monument is as potent a monument to American freedom as the Statue of Liberty. The National WWII Memorial and the opposite Reflecting Pool are equally magnificent and therefore must-sees.

Washington DC is home to its fair share of museums and galleries, with the National Air and Space Museum one of the most impressive, featuring artifacts from the Wright brothers record flight at the beginning of the 20th century and collections dedicated to the Apollo moon landings. For the best in night-time entertainment, head to Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan or the U Street Corridor, an African-American neighborhood that defined the civil rights struggle and which has been transformed into one of the trendiest areas of the city.

Washington DC attractions

White House: book well in advance to see the residence of the most powerful man on the planet.

Washington Monument: an American icon towering more than 150 meters into the Washington sky.

Lincoln Memorial: a tribute to the president that fought off the southern secessionists and abolished slavery.

National WWII Memorial and Reflection Pool: yet more symbols of the American capital that should not be missed.

National Air and Space Museum: one of the most impressive aeronautical museums in the world following America’s journeys into the skies and beyond.

U Street Corridor: is a center of African-American culture with a lively arts scene and great nightlife.

Georgetown: older than Washington DC and home to a vibrant student scene and varied nightlife.