Mataram Travel Guide

Mataram is both the capital and largest city on Lombok Island as well as being the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. It sits in the west of the island, has the best facilities on Lombok and is a good base for exploring the rest of the island.

Mataram is a jumbled collection of towns and villages. The main ones are Mataram, the center; Ampenan, near the airport in the west; and Cakranegara, to the east. Highlights in Mataram include the beautiful Mayura Gardens and Mataram Mall. The mall is Lombok’s main shopping spot and the place to stock up before going on an expedition. If you like, you can get about Mataram by horse and cart.

There are many attractions nearby to Mataram, including the huge volcano of Rinjani in the center of the island, which has excellent hiking. There are also islands to visit offshore.

Getting There & Away

Mataram’s Selaparang Airport is situated in Ampenan in the west of town and is a small facility and the gateway to Lombok Island. Flights come in from Jakarta and Surabaya in Java, from Bali, as well as from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Slow boats also arrive from Padang Bali in Bali and make their way to Lembar - 20kms south of Mataram - in 4 or 5 hours.

Things to Do

Mataram Attractions

Mataram shopping

Mataram without doubt has the best shopping in lombok, with mataram mall being popular for both shopping and eating.

Side trips from Mataram


This is the most popular area for tourists in lombok, with its 30kms of beaches lying northwest of mataram.

Narmada Park

A fine park for relaxation while staying in mataram, narmada is just east of town and has a swimming pool and a hindu temple.


Pura Meru

A hindu ceremony is held in mataram during the full moon of june at the balinese pura meru temple, cakranegara.