Asmat Region Travel Guide

Located to the southwest of the island of Papua, the Asmat Region is an interesting place to explore for those with an interest in culture and a love of natural beauty.

Covered in lush rainforest and swamp forest, this is an ideal place for trekking. It is possible to hire a guide in the main town of Agats, which is also a good place to stock up with provisions for the journey and perhaps spend the night.

Home to Lorenz National Park, this area is home to a diverse range of wildlife such as crocodiles, monitor lizards and birds such as cockatoos and birds of paradise. Not many tourists visit this area and it is possible to wander here for many days without spotting another Westerner.

Not for the faint of heart, trekking through the Asmat Region can be very physically demanding. Visitors should make sure they pack plenty of provisions and a medical kit in case of emergencies. It is also a good idea to take a tent as accommodation can be rather thin on the ground outside of Agats. __

Getting There & Away

Access to the Asmat Region is via the town of Agats. To get to Agats, visitors can simply fly into Timika Airport from Bali’s international airport at Denpasar and take a bus from the large bus station near the airport to Agats (20 minutes).

Onward Travel

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