Blessed with abundant natural beauty, the central region of Papua is ideal for those who want to step off the beaten track and discover something a bit different.

This is a real haven for nature lovers as the area is full of animals. Take a trip to the Varirata National Park, which is home to animals such as wallabies, deer and colorful birds of paradise. Nearby is the crocodile research farm known as Moitaka Wildlife Farm, where visitors can also gaze at native animals and birds.

Central Papua is an ideal destination for those who enjoy adventure sports. While some head straight to the world famous Kokoda Trail to embark on a 5 to 10 day trek, others prefer scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding picturesque tropical islands.

While Central Papua is a good region to explore, it is also the perfect place for doing as little as possible. There are numerous picturesque stretches of sand to spread out on a soak up the sun, while the beach bars that line the shore provide refreshment to thirsty sun worshippers.

With several picturesque tropical islands to explore, a good way to discover the beauty of Central Papua is by going on a boat trip. Another great way to get around is by hiring a bicycle or motorbike at one of the towns and cycling through the countryside.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to arrive in Central Papua is by plane, making use of the international airport at Port Moresby, which is just 46kms away. Port Moresby has connections to international airports in Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. From Port Moresby it is possible to take a bus to most major towns and cities in Central Papua (1 hour).

Onward Travel