Merauke Travel Guide

Merauke is a coastal town in southern Papua Province and is about as far away from Jakarta as you can get in Indonesia. The town has a bit of history but its main appeal for tourists is its access to the nearby Wasur National Park.

Merauke is also known as Deer Town and has a sizeable population of indigenous folk and immigrants. The town itself is quite pleasant and comes with good facilities including hotels, banks and restaurants. It is the immediate surroundings that most people come for though.

Wasur National Park is 60kms away from Merauke town and covers a massive area of forest and swamps. There are all sorts of animals here not seen elsewhere in the world, along with rare types of crocodile, deer and birds of paradise. Elsewhere in the region is Kiman Island and its Kiman tribes people, while Lampu Satu Beach is also worth a look.

Getting There & Away

Merauke Airport receives flights from Jayapura, the Papua capital to the north. Flight time from Jayapura is 90 minutes and Merauke Airport receives regular flights from Bali and Jakarta. Ferries also land in Merauke but travel times are very long.

Things to Do

Merauke Attractions

Wasur National Park

This park is one of the largest in southeast asia and has a dense coverage of primary rainforest and a host of rare animals.

Side trips from Merauke

Lampu Satu Beach

Just five kilometers from merauke, this beach stretches out into the pacific and is good for birdwatching and horseback riding.