Timika Travel Guide

Situated in West Papua, the sleepy town of Timika doesn’t receive much attention from tourists and travelers. However, the town does have its own airport, making getting here easy enough.

The journey from Timika Airport is rather interesting as most visitors will opt to catch a bus and sit back and enjoy the scenery as it follows a steep winding road ever upward through the clouds.

Timika is situated high above sea level, meaning that there are stunning views to be enjoyed on a clear day. This is a particularly good spot for trekking and hiking, while many are happy to simply wander by the river and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

With some great restaurants and bakeries located in Timika, this is a pretty place to indulge. However, the natural beauty can only go so far and many people find that this is a good place to take a break for the city rather than somewhere to spend a long time.

Getting There & Away

Most visitors to Timika arrive at Timika Airport, which is also known as Moses Kilangin Airport. There are connecting flights to Timika from the international airport at Port Moresby (60 minutes) as well as other cities such as Jayapura and the international airport on Bali (40 minutes).

Things to Do

Timika Attractions

Timika Mine

This gold and copper mine is still operational and offers spectacular views of a local glacier from near the opening.