Jayapura Travel Guide

Set on the edge of the Pacific Ocean at Yos Sudarso Bay, the Papua capital, Jayapura, is both the largest and most prosperous city in Western Papua, New Guinea Island.

With a population of over 200,000 and a busy airport, it is a significant city in an otherwise remote region of the world. Popular with tourists for its nice setting and as a gateway to Papua province, Jayapura also is in close proximity to the independent state of Papua New Guinea.

Simply walking around Jayapura is nice as it is compact and has a hillside setting. Attractions worth seeing in Jayapura include the Irian Jaya Museum, with its exhibits on traditional tools and art, and the Yos Soedarso Monument. The nearby Sentani Lake is a non-touristy lake which is fairly untouched.

Getting There & Away

Jets land at Jayapura Sentani Airport from Jakarta and Bali. Flight time from Jakarta is around 3 hours. The airport is 32kms from town and is connected by minibuses and taxis. You can also get here by public ferry from Jakarta via Ternate and Sulawesi. Trip time is one week and sailings are every 15 days.

Things to Do

Jayapura Attractions

Jayapura Harbor

Simply walking around the bay is a major attraction of the town as is getting up high to take a shot.

Side trips from Jayapura

Sentani Lake

Located 20kms southwest of jayapura, this 25-kilometer long lake has a beautiful setting and is non-touristy.


Lembah Baliem Cultural Festival

An annual celebration in jayapura (august) of traditional papua culture.