As wild as it is lovely, Eastern Papua still remains a mystery to most travelers. With plenty of dusty villages scattered through the lush wilderness, this is an interesting area to explore.

Getting around Eastern Papua can be rather tricky. Although buses connect some towns and villages in the region, roads tend to be little more than dirt tracks, so prepare for a rough ride. Elsewhere it is necessary to catch a lift with a local, while many people choose to hire a vehicle if they plan to do a lot of traveling.

Accommodation tends to be rather basic is Eastern Papua. Although semi luxurious hotels can be found in the larger towns, these tend to be rather expensive and many people opt to stay in tents or with families in small villages. This region is home to both the spectacular Mount Tabletop and Mount Michael, both of which offer spectacular views from the top.

People who are traveling extensively through eastern Papua would be best stocking up with provisions at local markets when they see them as goods can be scarce in many parts of Eastern Papua.

Getting There & Away

Access is from the capital town of Goroka, where there is a small airport. It is possible to fly to Goroka from cities such as Port Moresby and the islands of Java and Bali. Bali has the nearest international airport with regular links to Jakarta and regional capitals. Once in Goroka, much of Eastern Papua can be reached by taxi or pickup truck.

Onward Travel