Ko Hae Travel Guide

Ko Hae, which sounds like Ko Hey and is widely known as Coral Island, is a small marine preserve of an island off the southeast coast of Phuket. It’s popular as a daytrip from Phuket and is especially known for its snorkeling.

Ko Hae is just a 30-minute boat ride from Phuket and is good for an overnight stay. If you enjoy beaches and water sports you will love Ko Hae as there is some excellent snorkeling on the colorful reefs here along with a couple of nice beaches, which are located north and west on the island. It is especially good for beginner snorkelers as the coral reefs are easy to access.

Also available is scuba diving, waterskiing, parasailing and sailing, while the shallow beaches make swimming for young ones nice and safe. Despite its marine park status, there is a modicum of tourist infrastructure on the island in the form of accommodation and restaurants. Coral Island Resort is the main place to stay.

Getting There & Away

The only way to get to Ko Hae is by boat and they leave from Rawai and Chalong in southern Phuket. Day tours are popular, which generally include the boat trip and snorkeling. Phuket Town is the main center on Phuket and is a 40-minute taxi ride from Phuket International Airport.

Things to Do

Ko Hae Attractions

Ko Hae snorkeling

The main attraction, with gorgeous coral reefs, clear water and an abundance of fish.

Ko Hae water sports

Also popular, with waterskiing, scuba diving, and parasailing all available.