Ko Yao Travel Guide

Ko Yao translates as ‘Long Island’ in English though the two small paradise islands are nothing like the New York version.

Ko Yao’s two islands, Ko Yao Yai and Ko Yao Noi, are located in the bay between Phuket and Phang-Nga on the one side and Krabi on the other, and they make a popular spot for visitors to south Thailand who want a quiet change from the busier and more built-up Phuket and Krabi.

The two islands are easily accessible from the mainland and Phuket, with regular longtail boats transferring visitors. The two Ko Yao islands are both unspoiled beautiful havens of tranquility though Ko Yao Noi, the smaller of the two islands, is slightly more developed than its sister island, Ko Yao Yai, which boasts more places to stay, eat and shop.

The Ko Yao Islands are a great place to stop should you be touring southwest Thailand. Both islands are home to dirt tracks, which are great for hiking or cycling, the beaches are pristine and unspoiled, and tourists can while away days either on the sand or by watching locals going about their daily business of fishing or rubber planting.

Getting There & Away

Longtail boat transfers come in from Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga. The nearest airport is at Phuket, while Phang-Nga can be reached by road from Bangkok, a 12-hour drive. Krabi is also accessible by road, while some people may want to travel by rail, with Bangkok to Trang being a 12-hour overnight train journey. The coast is then just a short drive from Trang Station.

Things to Do

Ko Yao Attractions


With their perfect sands and unblemished natural beauty.

Fishing villages and rubber plantations

Make for interesting sightseeing away from the beach.

Cycling tracks

Rent a bike and explore on your own.

Onward Travel

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