Parapat Travel Guide

Gateway to Danau Toba, Parapat is a great place to stock up on supplies and enjoy the semblance of an urban existence before plunging into the rugged countryside. This is a necessary stepping stone to some of Indonesia’s most interesting backcountry.

Parapat may not have a distinct tourism flavor, but it is well stocked with shops and hotels. Given its status as a secondary transport hub, it’s also well connected to the rest of the region. The main spread of infrastructure is situated on Jalan Pulau Samosir.

The pier to the south of town is the launching point for Danau Toba holidays. Ferries shuttle passengers across the lake to Samosir Island, a destination that was once known for its party atmosphere. Today Samosir is much quieter but still well worth the visit.

Boating activities are offered here, though it is just as well to save these activities for the Samosir Island experience.

Getting There & Away

As the most common entry point to the Danau Toba area, Parapat is well connected to the rest of the region. Buses regularly connect to and from Medan (5 hours), Bukittinggi (15 hours) and Padang (17 hours). Most tourists fly into the region through Medan, a transport hub with international connections to major cities across Southeast Asia.

Things to Do

Parapat Attractions


Water-based activities in parapat include paddle-boat and speedboat rides.

Side trips from Parapat

Samosir Island

At the heart of lake toba, this island is a stronghold of the fascinating batak culture. highlights are ornate graveyards, ancient stone carvings and of course, the batak people themselves.