Riau Islands Travel Guide

The best known of the Riau Islands are Bintan, Batam and Kaimun. Bintan is the largest island, full of upscale accommodation, while Batam has an international airport. To the west of Batam, Karimun is famous for its beautiful beaches and granite mine. Other well-known islands include Kundur, Moro, Natuna and Anambas.

Beach bunnies will find a number of fantastic white sand beaches scattered around the Riau Islands. There are plenty of places to practice water sports as well, with surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling proving to be particularly popular.

Those who are searching for wild evening entertainment should find what they’re looking for on the islands of Bintan and Batam as there are plenty of beach bars and discos here where visitors can dance until dawn. On the smaller islands, watching the sun set and walking along the shore are the main evening activities although there are still plenty of modest places to sip cocktails throughout the Riau Islands.

Getting There & Away

Access is via Batam’s Hnag Nadim Airport, which has regular flights from places such as Singapore (40 minutes) and Johor Bahru, Malaysia (1 hour). It is also possible to catch a ferry to Batam from Singapore or Malaysia, while ferries also connect most of the Riau Islands.