Bukittinggi Travel Guide

Bukittinggi is an interesting city in the center of West Sumatra, 90kms north of the capital, Padang. It’s located at altitude so is fairly cool and boasts nice mountainous surroundings.

Bukittinggi sits at an altitude of 930m above sea level in the Minangkabau Highlands and the two large volcanoes to the south - Mount Marapi (active) and Mount Singgalang (inactive) - add appeal to the skyline. In addition, although a sizeable city, most things are within walking distance as it is quite compact.

Attractions in Bukittinggi include the hilltop Fort de Kock, a Dutch fort; nearby Bundo Kanduang Park, with its rumah gadang traditional museum house; and a snazzy clock tower in the city center. There is also a zoo in Bukittinggi, while nearby Sianok Canyon and the Japanese Caves are must-sees.

Many people use Bukittinggi as a base for exploring the huge Lake Maninjau, 32kms to the west of town. The drive here and the views over the lake on a hike of the surrounding mountains are awesome.

Getting There & Away

Access to Bukittinggi is through Padang’s Minangkabau International Airport, which is northwest of Padang. It receives flights from Jakarta (1 hour, 30 minutes) as well as from elsewhere in Indonesia and from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The drive north to Bukittinggi takes 2 hours over good roads, and buses and minivans run here from Padang. Taxis run direct from the airport.

Things to Do

Bukittinggi Attractions

Fort de Kock

An old dutch fort in bukittinggi of which little remains, yet its hilltop location provides nice vistas over the city.

Side trips from Bukittinggi

Lake Maninjau (Danau Maninjau)

This 20km long lake has superb hiking and boating opportunities and is well within reach of bukittinggi.