Lees Ferry Travel Guide

If it’s isolation in nature, majestic rock formations, beautiful river systems and some of the best fishing around that turn you on, Lees Ferry is probably what you’re looking for. With its proximity to the wondrous Grand Canyon, it’s no surprise that it’s a very popular destination for its scenic views. Even more than the panoramas are the abundant fishing opportunities here. Often referred to as the world’s largest spring creek, it’s easy to imagine the charms of Lees Ferry. It is located along the mighty Colorado River, from the upper end of the Grand Canyon down to the Glen Canyon Dam that feeds Lake Powell - one of the various man made lakes in this part of Arizona.

The river itself is a fly fisherman’s paradise, with the endless tributaries flowing through deep canyons home to rainbow trout of legendary size. The depth of the water varies enough to satisfy any penchant any particular fisherman might have 365 days a year. Travelling to the Lees Ferry region is fairly simple by road from places as far as Phoenix, Las Vegas or even Salt Lake City.

The area isn’t just a draw for anglers with tackle boxes; the hills and canyons offer a unique and extensive network of hiking trails as well. Trails along riverbeds, through gorges, canyons and creeks will keep any hiker occupied for a good long while. There are ample camping sites and other accommodation options in the area for overnight or more long-term visitors.


Soap Creek: a tributary connected to the Colorado River; you can camp on the banks of the rapids.

Badger Canyon: just a short walk upstream from the US 89A highway, the entrance to the canyon through mudstone walls can take you either along the canyon floor or around the ridge for an aerial view.

Jackass Creek: if not worth a visit for the name alone, explorers will love the narrow, water-carved passages and mysterious pools.

Whitewater rafting: Lees Ferry is the only launching point for rollercoaster rafting trips into the Grand Canyon. The exit point is a 12-day ride away so think twice before setting off.