Salt Lake City Travel Guide

Most visitors to Salt Lake City come for the winter sports. There are roughly 10 ski resorts within a 1-hour drive of downtown, including the likes of Brighton and Solitude, just 20 minutes away at Big Cottonwood Canyon. In the summer, the mountain areas are popular for hiking and camping. The largest mountains in the area, American Fork Twin Peaks and Broads Fork Twin Peaks, tower 3,500 meters to the southeast of the city and provide a stiff challenge for experienced climbers.

For a look into the often secluded life of Mormonism, visit the This is the Place heritage park which tracks the journey that Brigham Young, the founder of the city, took to reach Salt Lake City. The Clark Planetarium features science-related exhibits like a video of updates from the Hubble Telescope, a sample of moon rock and a 3D IMAX theater. Salt is evident in abundance at the nearby Bonnevile Salt Flats, 160 square miles of dried salt which is commonly used for land speed record attempts.

Salt Lake City Attractions

Temple square: is the most-visited site in the city and an introduction to the Mormon faith.

Clarke Planetarium: is full of interesting space and science exhibits as well as a 3D cinema.

Sugar House: is an old neighborhood of alternative fashion stores, hip caf├ęs and youth culture.

Park City Resort: just 40 minutes by car from the city, this resort is one of the best ski resorts in the area with slopes for beginners and the more experienced.

Lagoon Amusement Park: is one of the largest theme parks in the Midwest, with seven roller coasters and a host of other hair-raising rides.

Bonneville Salt Flats: miles of white salt flanked by stunning mountains. The speedway here is legendary among racing fans as the site of numerous land speed records.