Lake Havasu City Travel Guide

The Colorado River is the principal waterway in Mohave County, Arizona, and its multiple damming projects have led to the formation of many manmade lakes that seem oddly out of place with their arid desert surroundings. Lake Havasu is one of these, and has become extremely popular for water sports like water skiing, sailing and jet skiing. The city built up around Havasu Lake is a picture postcard perfect attribution to affluence. Its claim to fame is London Bridge. Yes, London Bridge, which was brought over from Great Britain in 1968 when the historical fixture on the Thames was replaced.

The transplanted traverse spans the man-made canal that connects Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay. In fitting with the style of the British import, the banks of the river have been laid out with mock-Tudor mansions and the area has a very European feel. To have the original London Bridge shipped to your newly planned town doesn’t come cheap. After the bridge began to sink into the riverbed of the Thames, it was bought by Havasu City’s founder Robert P. McCulloch for $2.5 million and reassembled stateside for another $7 million.

Lake Havasu City has garnered a reputation as a spring break destination and has adapted accordingly, catering to college students with discos and bars. Lake Havasu is also a favorable lake for fishing and anglers flock to the lake to fish its stock that hides out in the coves and inlets around the body of water.


London Bridge: a piece of British history in the most unlikely of places.

Chemehuevi Indian Reservation: for a camping getaway, Chemehuevi is a great place to pitch a tent or park an RV.

Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge: at the southern edge of Lake Havasu, the refuge is where you will be able to observe many native species of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Parker Dam: the dam that created Lake Havasu is an impressive sight, whether you’re an engineer or not.