Nevada Travel Guide

The hot and dry state of Nevada is situated in the western region of the United States of America. Make sure to pack some water if you plan to trek outside the main cities because there is little but desert in between. Regardless, with some great natural sites and amazing cities Nevada is full of attractions worth checking out.

The capital of Nevada, Carson City, is located in the state’s Midwest region. Positioned high in the desert valley around 4,730 feet above sea level, the city does not experience the same arid, desert-like weather found throughout the rest of Nevada. The four distinct seasons are felt, even with a little snow in the winter. Within the city there are a few interesting things to see, including the Nevada State Railroad Museum, which preserves the historic railroad heritage of the state. The impressive Lake Tahoe in Nevada State Park is close by and offers a range of activities from fishing and wakeboarding to picnics by the water’s edge.

The most populated city in all of Nevada is the world-famous gambling mecca of Las Vegas. Positioned in the heart of the state, the city is often referred to as ‘sin city’ for its unrestricted and relaxed attitude on gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment. The Las Vegas strip is a 4.5 mile boulevard filled with brightly lit casinos, clubs and bars. Also well-known for marriages and divorces, some both taking place in the same day, the city attracts those looking for love and money. With no shortage of things to see and do the city is an example of Western extravagance at its best.

Known as the ‘Biggest Little City in the World,’ the charming city of Reno lies in the state’s west, only 22 miles from Carson City. Famous for its casinos, the city is particularly popular in the summer months because of its close proximity to California. Many of the old casinos in the city’s center have been torn down and replaced with condominiums in an effort to revitalize the downtown area. There are some major events throughout the year to encourage tourism, including ‘Hot August Nights,’ a classic car convention, and the ‘Great Reno Balloon Race,’ which is a spectacular display of hot-air balloons.